Obamacare Bending the Cost Curve Up, Not Down as Claimed

“a slew of new reports….

“the Kaiser Family Foundation released its annual Employer Health Benefits Survey showing that average family health insurance premiums have gone up by more than $2,500 ($2,730 to be exact), not down.

“the Health Care Cost Institute released its annual Health Care Cost and Utilization Report showing that, after briefly slowing down due to the recession in 2009 and 2010, overall health care spending rose 4.6 percent last year, far outpacing both inflation and wages.

“Avalere Health, a health care consulting company, reported that premiums for seven of the 10 most popular Medicare prescription drug plans will increase by double digits

“the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services reported that, even if all of Obamacare’s scheduled Medicare price controls go into effect on schedule, health spending as a percentage of gross domestic product will rise to 19.6 percent by 2021.”

September 25, 2012


Obamacare isn’t reducing health care costs

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