Obamacare Inducing Doctor Shortage

“Published October 12 in the American Journal of Medical Quality, the study with the patience-trying title, “Characteristics of Primary Care Safety-Net Providers … ” surveyed “safety-net” physicians, so-called because they handle the bulk of uninsured and Medicaid patients, What the authors found is that these health-care providers are already reaching their limits even before expansion takes place.”

“The full text of the report is behind a paid firewall, but a handy press release about the study from Massachusetts General Hospital hits the high points:  “The authors note that the concentration of care for Medicaid and uninsured patients among a limited number of safety-net physicians and the fact that 28 and 39 percent, respectively, of those physicians are not accepting new Medicaid and uninsured patients indicate that the current health care safety net may have reached its capacity.  “This study raises very serious concerns about the willingness and ability of primary care providers to cope with the increased demand for services that will result from the ACA,” says Eric G. Campbell, PhD, of the Mongan Institute, senior author of the report to be published in the American Journal of Medical Quality. “Even with insurance, it appears that many patients may find it challenging to find a physician to provide them with primary care services.””

Report: Obamacare Patients Likely To Struggle To Find Doctors

J.D. Tuccille | Dec. 5, 2012


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