Healthcare Costs Crowding Out State Services in Massachusetts

 Comment:  The Obamacare-type plan in effect in Massachusetts is a disaster for that state:

“Massachusetts enacted a health reform law that was the model for the ACA. And the numbers don’t lie: Health costs now make up 54 percent of the state’s budget (up from 21 percent in 2001), health spending has increased 59 percent while spending on education is down 15 percent, police/fire down 11 percent and roads/bridges down 23 percent. Massachusetts now spends more per capita on health care than anywhere in the industrialized world. Its latest solution to contain costs is to limit access or ration care via a health policy commission which will be the state’s arbiter of care.”

Michigan smartly avoids ‘exchange’

By Dr. Matt McCord

anesthesiologist, secretary for the Michigan Chapter of Docs4PatientCare, which seeks to repeal Obamacare

December 3, 2012

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