Resistance Movement Grows

Comment:  A majority of the American people never wanted Obamacare, and they still don’t. It’s no surprise that resistance is growing.

“…approval of the unpopular law stood at only 38% on Nov. 6…”

“Congress: “ObamaCare has to go,” wrote House Speaker John Boehner…”

“Governors: […] At least 21 states have said they definitely or probably will not set up state exchanges…”

“Businesses: Companies with more than 50 employees are searching for ways to avoid the penalties for not complying with the law’s employer mandate…”

“Religious leaders: […]Cardinal Timothy Dolan recently said the Catholic Church will “not obey” the Obama Administration’s HHS mandate…”

“Citizens: … the CBO expects at least 6 million people to pay the initial $95 fine rather than purchase expensive, government-prescribed health insurance.”

A Resistance Movement Rises Against ObamaCare

Grace-Marie Turner



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