Women’s Services to Get Hit

“the US Preventive Services Task Force, will evaluate preventive health services… and decide which benefits must be part of the coverage…”

“What health benefits are likely to be nixed from insurance coverage? Well, look at all of the things that the Task Force doesn’t recommend, and therefore won’t be mandated under ObamaCare.”

“Dozens of screening tests and treatments that directly benefit women are likely to be dropped from any coverage.”

“Here’s a sampling of what the Preventive Services Task Force dings: chlamydia screening in most women over 25; cervical-cancer screening in those over 65; breast-cancer screening using digital mammography or MRI instead of the traditional plain film.”

“Screening for ovarian cancer and the genes that raise a women’s risk of breast cancer also don’t make the cut. Same for clinical breast exams in women older than 40…”

“Even having a doctor teach women how to do a breast self-exam is unlikely to be covered…”

ObamaCare v. women


Dr. Scott Gottlieb is an American Enterprise Institute resident fellow.

October 22, 2012




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