Hobby Lobby Shifts Effective Date, Dodges Fines for Now

Comment:  The Hobby Lobby story stirs the heart. The Truth Squad doesn’t see how the health-control zealots can win on this one. If they crush a gentle, kind-hearted employer of faith, they look like ogres.  If they don’t, they will be conceding the religious liberty argument for all other employers that wish to make it. The Obama administration is caught by its own zealotry on this one, forced to defend the indefensible. Remind us why the settlers came to these shores in the first place – wasn’t it for religious liberty?  The zealots must have forgotten.

“The Affordable Care Act requires employer-provided health insurance to cover all FDA-approved contraception methods, sterilization methods, and education and counseling for women.”

“The penalty for failing to provide such coverage is a daily fine to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of $1.3 million.”

“That provision took effect last August but the fines didn’t start accruing until Jan. 1.”

“Last month, Hobby Lobby announced that it would not cover emergency contraception for its employees — most notably, the “morning after pill,” which the company’s president believes is no different than other abortion methods.”

“So far, Hobby Lobby has accrued fines totaling more than $18 million. However, attorneys for the store have discovered a way to delay the beginning of its employees’ health insurance coverage for 2013. In other words, attorneys say the company is effectively able to extend employees’ coverage from 2012 and be exempt from the fines.”

“On Dec. 26, Hobby Lobby asked the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency injunction that would have blocked the fines while appropriate courts hear the case. The request was denied.”

Hobby Lobby Finds Loophole To Avoid Daily Fine Of 1.3M
by: Doug G. Ware, ABC4.com

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