The Myth of Preventive Screening – System to be Overwhelmed

“…Once ObamaCare fully takes effect, all of us will be entitled to a long list of preventive services—with no deductible or copayment.”

“…ObamaCare says that health insurance must cover the tests and procedures recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force…scholars at Duke University calculated that arranging for and counseling patients about all those screenings would require 1,773 hours of the average primary-care physician’s time each year, or 7.4 hours per working day. “

“And all of this time is time spent searching for problems… If the screenings turn up a real problem, there will have to be more testing and more counseling. Bottom line: To meet the promise of free preventive care nationwide, every family doctor in America would have to work full-time delivering it, leaving no time for all the other things they need to do. “

Why the Doctor Can’t See You


August 14, 2012


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