Stupidity on Parade – Millions Waiting Until Sick to Buy Insurance Will Crash Obamacare

Comment:  This is why health insurers recently begged a Congressional committee to make the individual mandate even more onerous. ‘Force them, coerce them, ram it down their throats’ – the central planners have a one-track mind, but just how much more strong-arming do you think people are going to stand for with this stupid law? Oh, and you health insurers, surely you must realize by now you made a very bad deal when you supported Obamacare (even if you thought the gun was to your head). Your only hope now, if you want to avoid extinction through single-payer, is to join the resistance.

“Here’s the two plus two: Starting next year, you can wait until you’re sick to purchase health insurance. And if you do so, you cannot be denied or even charged a higher premium price. Here’s the four: Because the ObamaCare penalty to be uninsured is much cheaper than purchasing insurance, why not do exactly that?”

“As I laid out in this piece, because ObamaCare allows me to game the system in this way, for the first time in over 25 years, I’m an uninsured-American. Going forward, my plan is to pay the annual penalty, which is ridiculously cheaper than insurance, and only purchase health insurance should I get sick.”

“As soon as the masses figure out this option under Obamacare — that there’s even less of an incentive to purchase health insurance than there was before ObamaCare passed — that’s how the system crashes.”


25 Jan 2013

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