Obamacare Bodes Ill for Job Creation, Hiring and a Strong Economy

Comment:  It sure sounded good – the promises that were made about how Obamacare would take us to the land of milk and honey.  Instead, we have bigger problems than ever – higher unemployment, stunted job creation, and a weaker economy.  According to the CBO, 800,000 jobs will be lost [1].  The best solution is repeal and reform. 

“…In 2009, the president’s Council of Economic Advisers concluded that health reform would reduce unemployment, raise the labor supply, and improve the functioning of labor markets.”


“[Instead] Many large firms are replacing people with technology… and putting full-time workers on part time to avoid the ObamaCare penalties.”

“Smaller companies are holding back on hiring so they don’t hit the magic number of 50 employees that triggers the employer mandate.”

“There are fewer incentives for people to enter the workforce… because they know they can get generous subsidies for health insurance whether they work or not.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 8.5 million people left the workforce during President Obama’s first term.”


Affordable Care Act will impose new burdens on consumers, businesses

March 4, 2013

By Grace-Marie Turner


[1] CBO’s Analysis of the Major Health Care Legislation Enacted in March 2010 at p. 31



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