Your New Healthcare System: Pickleball and Pet Neutering

Comment: Is this a joke?  Unfortunately, no. This is what happens when you politicize medicine and make it a playground for Progressives and their “pet” projects (pun intended). Don’t miss the point: more for pickleball means less for what you and your family really need. And that’s the ugly truth about Obamacare.

“It’s a shameful commentary on the Obama White House’s priorities where hundreds of millions of dollars are being handed out to various bureaucratic tasks and pet projects like pickleball and massage therapy, but vulnerable Americans are left out in the cold.”

“A sampling of some of the “high-priority activities:”

·         “Pickleball”  $400,000

·         Massage Therapy, Kickboxing, Kayaking, and Zumba  $235,000

·         Promote Free Pet Neutering  $7.5 million

·         Urban Gardening  $1 million

·         Lobby for Soda Tax  $3 million

·         Boosting Bike Clubs  portion of the $3 million”

“Grant program have collectively received hundreds of millions of dollars of “prevention” fund money to date.”

Obama Administration Prioritizes Millions of Dollars for Pickleball, Massage Therapy, Zumba, and Free Pet Neutering Over Helping Cancer Patients and Vulnerable Americans

April 24, 2013

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