Obamacare Truth Squad is starting a new, urgent initiative:  Water Cooler Question Cards.  Cards appear below, and also along with other “Stand up to Obamacare” initiatives on our Resistance Page.

The Water Cooler Question cards are business-card size, with Obamacare questions for your H.R. or health insurance agent.  Share the questions, the answers — and of course the cards — with everyone you can!

  • Have as many cards as you like printed at a local shop or online.  Or, print them yourself.
  • Share the cards with as many people as you can!
  1. If not using Avery ready-made cards, print on heavy paper such as 48# letter-size glossy cardstock; if you don’t
  2. Click on the image below to download card templates (Word and pdf format).  The Word format is Word 1997-2003, ready for printing on Avery-brand business cards on a printer.
  3. have that, use normal normal paper; if you can’t figure out 2-sided, do 1-sided.  There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it.
  4. The most important mission:  get the word out ASAP!

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