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Truth Squad Exposes Lies at Festival

An Obamacare Truth Squad member, while working a festival booth in August 2013, was double-teamed by Obamacare supporters who denied that Medicare was cut in order to fund the new entitlements in Obamacare. Here are the incontrovertible facts: In broad … Continue reading

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Can You Keep Your Plan?

 Comment: Lots of people are in for a rude shock–they’re about to find out their existing health plans are being terminated as non-ObamaCare compliant.  How about you–can you keep your plan? When online health insurance vendor began notifying people … Continue reading

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As Many as 21 Rogue Agencies Propping Up Obamacare

“Thirty-nine Republican senators demanded answers from the White House on why unrelated federal agencies are spending funds to help implement and promote ObamaCare.” ‘“At a time federal agency budgets have been tightened by the sequester and the White House has … Continue reading

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Blog Wars: Obamacare Supporters Deliberately Spreading Misinformation

Let’s be very clear: The Supreme Court ruled in the Obamacare case that the government CANNOT force you to buy a product. It can only force you to pay a tax, but we knew that already. So the following exchange … Continue reading

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Top Democrat Howard Dean Says IPAB Continues 40-Year Record of Failure, Will Never Control Costs

[…] “One major problem is the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board. The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body. By setting doctor reimbursement rates for Medicare and determining which procedures and drugs will be covered and at what price, the … Continue reading

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74% of small businesses will fire workers, cut hours under Obamacare

Comment: Nancy Pelosi said you would be able to become a violinist, an artist, or an actor thanks to Obamacare. Well, you’ll certainly have more time for these pursuits once you lose your hours or your job that actually paid the bills … Continue reading

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