Truth Squad Exposes Lies at Festival

An Obamacare Truth Squad member, while working a festival booth in August 2013, was double-teamed by Obamacare supporters who denied that Medicare was cut in order to fund the new entitlements in Obamacare.

Here are the incontrovertible facts:

In broad brush terms, part of Obamacare is funded by more than 20 new taxes (medical device tax, etc.) and part is funded by cuts to Medicare ($716 billion through 2022 – see documentation below).

When the Truth Squad member pointed this out, the deniers responded with a barrage of protestations about how it wasn’t true. The lady doth protest too much! The supporters even went so far as to accuse our Squad member of lying.  The Truth Squad member persisted, not allowing them to get away with their lies in front of the crowd that had gathered.  The supporters finally gave up and slunk away.  They never did specify how they thought Obamacare is funded.

Recently, this site exposed another whopper supporters are telling – that it’s mandatory you buy insurance (not true). So there’s a pattern of deceit here. But if they have to lie to get to where they want to go, that ought to tell you all you need to know about them and the ill-conceived train wreck of a law they have foisted on an unwilling country. They don’t have the merits and they can’t make a case, except in the most under-handed and devious of ways.

First, they rammed Obamacare down our throats. Now they’re out in force spreading lies, trying to build support for it.  And then they accuse US of lying when we confront them with the facts.  They’ve got some nerve.

So here’s our message to all you Obamacare fanatics: Just keep spreading your lies. We will expose each and every last one of them. Bring’em on!

Here’s the truth. Read it and weep -
Presidential Debate Prep: Understanding Obamacare’s $716 Billion in Cuts to Medicare
Bob Moffit and Alyene Senger
October 16, 2012

Put ‘chop’ in our searchbox and more documentation will pop up.

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