The Coming Failure of the Obamacare Subsidies


“…the notion that the subsidies will never stop, or that they are figuratively heroin-like in nature, is false.”

“…For the healthy, the subsidies are… a month-by-month financial pain inflicting mandate forcing millions of Americans to buy a product they have already decided not to buy, or in other cases, forcing Americans to buy a more expensive version of something they already have, building resentment and anger over time…”

“The exchanges themselves are based on another false notion and fatal error made by the Democrats. They truly believe that if we just offer health insurance with subsidies to the uninsured, they will sign up.”


“But ObamaCare does not offer subsidies that cover all of the cost of ObamaCare. The subsidies cover some of the premium, that’s it. That is all. All other costs are on the uninsured and others who choose to comply with ObamaCare.”


“…the independents and Republicans and now union members, who are seeing the effect of ObamaCare on their own health plans, are becoming less supportive of ObamaCare over time, and will become more and more angry, as their new, monthly financial strain grows.”


“There is historic precedence in many states that guaranteed issue and community rating is repealed after several years because the insurance price escalation is so severe that it is politically unsustainable….”


“The percentage of those Americans who sign up, and then keep paying every month, will be small.”

“And it will be especially small among the young and healthy.”

“And it is the young males that the government needs the most…”


“Now, add in two other key facts: the penalty may exist, but the IRS does not have the authority to enforce it. Simply put, they cannot make any American pay the penalty.”

“Secondly, the guaranteed issue part of the law, that guarantees any person will be given insurance during open enrollment, will convince many that if they get sick, they can simply wait until open enrollment to sign up, rather than pay for the premium when they do not need health insurance. There is plenty of historic precedence for the coming failure of the ObamaCare subsidies.”

“Once the healthy decide to stay out of ObamaCare, the premiums will skyrocket, forcing those relatively healthy out, forcing the premiums even higher.”


The Unstoppable, Heroin-like Notion of the ObamaCare Exchange, is False

Posted By dbperrin01

September 26, 2013

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