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Warm & Fuzzy CO-OPs Cost More

Comment: Obamacare provided for CO-OPs because the ‘evil insurance companies’ were supposedly charging too much. Another lie from the bunch that brought you the lie of the century – “you can keep your plan.” “[T]he new Consumer Operated and Oriented … Continue reading

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More Lies: ‘Obamacare is Slowing Down Medical Costs’

“White House advisor David Cutler’s op-ed published November 8 in the Washington Post, entitled, “The health care law’s success story: slowing down medical costs.” This piece contains the following paragraph: “Before he was criticized for his statements about insurance continuity, … Continue reading

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‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’ – Not If You’re on Medicare Advantage

Comment: This is part of what it means to chop $716 billion out of Medicare to fund the new entitlements in Obamacare. “UnitedHealth Group Inc., … the nation’s largest provider of privately managed Medicare Advantage plans, has dropped thousands of … Continue reading

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