California Doctors Rejecting Obamacare Patients

Comment: Over-priced insurance is not healthcare.

“A Sonora mechanic is in so much pain that he can barely walk, but he can’t seem to find a doctor to fix his ailing back after he and his wife switched their insurance coverage through Covered California.”

[...] “Tammy says she finally found an in-network doctor, but the problems don’t end there. We looked him up using the couple’s plan info, and the Blue Cross website shows him as in-network.”

“But that same doctor’s officer told Tammy he won’t see patients with insurance from Covered California.”

“‘It’s like we’re a second-class citizen,’ she said. ‘We can’t get the coverage we need.’ ”

Man’s Back Surgery On Hold As Doctors Deny Covered California Coverage Nick Janes, CBS Sacramento, February 18, 2014

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