Seniors, Get Ready for Steep New Medicare Cuts

Comment: Savings, Obamacare style. Obamacare’s only cost control is to reduce payments, which means seniors will get fewer services. In other words, this is the government-controlled rationing opponents warned you about. (hat tip to T.D., for this item)

“The U.S. government is expected to announce this week the proposed payment rates for insurer-run Medicare plans in 2015, but industry officials say the anticipated cuts will mean higher co-pays and fewer benefits for seniors.

[...] “Insurers are bracing for a proposed cut of around 6 to 7 percent when the government makes the information public…”

[...] “Another possibility for insurers is eliminating plans and withdrawing from certain markets. Many did that last year after the government cut rates by nearly 6 percent.” (emphasis added)

U.S. health insurers brace for new steep Medicare cuts
Reuters, By Caroline Humer February 20, 2014

 “The only thing this plan would eliminate is the hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud, as well as unwarranted subsidies in Medicare that go to insurance companies – subsidies that do everything to pad their profits but don’t improve the care of seniors.” –President Barack Hussein Obama, Sept. 9, 2009



Medicare Advantage, which was created in 1997, is a network of PPOs and HMOs that offers oldsters the option of getting benefits through the network rather than through the original Medicare Parts A and B. Most studies indicate it significantly reduced out-of-pocket costs for seniors while providing better benefits, but the program was targeted for cuts under the Affordable Care Act.”

REVEALED: Top Medicare Advantage insurer knew Obamacare would cause devastation for seniors
by Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller, 1/13/2014

So what was Obamacare really about, hmm? Throwing grandma under the bus, perhaps? The ‘sustainable medicine’ crowd talks openly about your ‘duty to die’. Do you really want inhumane monsters in charge of your healthcare?

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