Top Ten Tweets of the Week

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Many young people scoff at the suggestion they give up cell phones to get covered.

ER use by younger Medicaid recipients rose 25% under Romneycare. ER use NOT driven by the uninsured. #ACA will follow suit.

2nd director of broken Oregon exchange out the door. Governor cites “fundamental breakdown” in mgmt.

Leftist TruthOut editor Will Pitt slams #Obamacare – ‘preexisting conditions YES, life-saving meds for them NO’

Colo. poll of Hispanics (57% disapprove) bad news for #Obamacare bc relatively young, uninsured and Left-leaning

The risk corridor bailouts are a subsidy hiding the true cost of #Obamacare policies.

#Obamacare policies cutting access to top cancer centers and, thus, most advanced treatments and clinical trials

Lowballing: Some insurers deliberately underpriced their policies, expecting to raise rates in the second year.

#Obamacare not causing a shift to part-time work? Admin admits fudging, counting 29.5 hrs/wk as “full-time”

Careful what you wish for: “If this president can change some laws, can he change all laws?” Rep Trey Gowdy

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