Obamacare Supporters Attack Cancer Victims

Comment: In possibly the most appalling spasm of turpitude, deceit, and denial heretofore, desperate unACA supporters are attacking cancer patients for daring to share their devastating Obamacare experiences with the public. But then what else is one to expect but politics, once provision of your personal health care becomes political?

“The Dexter, Mich., leukemia victim lost her coverage last fall and now stars in a devastating ad fingering Obamacare — and Peters — for her resulting distress. In an extraordinary media counterstrike, Boonstra, a schoolteacher, has come under assault from Democrats and their media allies decrying her as a liar and an ignoramus for failing to embrace her new, Obamacare-approved plan.”

[...] “Uncertainty dogs her — especially having been lied to once by the president. Where her canceled plan’s premiums once covered all her costs, she now must plan for out-of-pocket expenses. Those expenses are capped but will double to $10,200 if she goes out of her network — a not-uncommon need for cancer patients, whose treatment often changes — for a doctor or tests.”

The War on Julie Boonstra
. . . and other Obamacare cancer victims.
By Henry Payne
March 15, 2014

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