Obamacare Takes Author Ann Coulter’s Health Plan

Comment: Author Ann Coulter liked her plan, but she can’t keep it. Instead she has to jump through hoops to get less-affordable, lower-quality Obamacare (and she’s NOT happy about it).

“I’ve been thrown off my health insurance — THANKS, OBAMACARE! — and have spent hours and hours over the past month trying to figure out my options now that the Democrats have made my old plan, which I liked, “illegal.” (I prefer to think of my plan as “undocumented.”)”

[...] “As one of the few Americans not granted a waiver, I’m here to tell you: You have no idea what’s coming, America.”

“I thought I had figured out the best plan for me a month ago after having doctors and hospital administrators look at the packets of material I was sent by my old insurance company — the same mailing that informed me my old plan was “illegal” under Obamacare.”

“But when I checked online recently, I discovered the premier plan — the “platinum,” low-deductible, astronomically expensive plan that might be accepted by an English-speaking doctor who didn’t attend medical school in a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts — does not include treatment at any decent hospitals.”

“That’s sort of unfortunate because THAT’S THE ONLY REASON I WANT INSURANCE!”

[...] “I went to “healthcare.gov” and [...] you can’t even peek at the available plans until you’ve given the government reams of personal information about yourself. ”

Zinger ahead…

[...] “It’s not “insurance” when what I want to insure against isn’t covered, but paying for other people’s health care needs — defined broadly — is mandatory.” 

“It’s as if you wanted to buy a car, so you paid for a Toyota — but then all you got was a 10-speed bike, with the rest of your purchase price going to buy cars, bikes and helmets for other people. “  (emphasis added)

Screw You, Mickey Kaus
March 26, 2014, by Ann Coulter

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