Top 10 Tweets of the Week

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Ya think Obama’s ‘keep your plan’ lie was politically motivated to help in elections? Nah, a YouTube video made him do it.

Finally, somebody said it: Sen. Rand Paul says Obama’s unilateral changes UNCONSTUTIONAL and BREACHES RULE OF LAW

Off a cliff – public support for #Obamacare plunges to 26%, new low.

WaPo reporter loses plan, getssticker shock, told to wait 3 wks to see doc, gets run-around, envies his dog w/better coverage

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Costs: out-of-network charges, 20% co-pays for docs and generics.

High point of Hobby Lobby rally for OCTS: young person read our sign “Religious Liberty is Foundational” & said “That’s right.”

American Action Forum report finds #ACA’s regulatory burdens twice as great as benefits (paperwork, unfunded state mandates, regs)

Pew poll: Hispanic support for #Obamacare has cratered from 60-plus percent in September 2013 to 47%.

Illusion: teaser low premiums. Reality: skyrocketing drug prices w/50% co-pays. Cancer, M.S., arthritis sufferers pounded.

Drudge opts-out, pays self-employment quarterly installment of individual mandate penalty, calls it “liberty tax”.

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