Is W.D.C.’s Obamacare Exchange an Aggressive Panhandler?

Ask not what Obamacare can do for you – ask what you can do for Obamacare.

Comment: Aggressive panhandling is when a beggar rudely insists that you give them some money long after you’ve already politely told them “no.”

Not to be out-done, the Washington D.C. City Council has decided that D.C. residents who’ve said “no” still have to fork over for D.C.’s ultra-glorious Obamacare exchange, whether they use it or not.

Not a government takeover? Free market? Private insurance? Cuts wasteful insurance company marketing spending?  Read this, and decide if those talking points hold true: the District of Columbia has decided to tax ALL health insurance–sold on the exchange or not–in order to support…you guessed it, the D.C. exchange.

Truly an innovation, now if your company (the exchange) has a horrible product no one wants (the exchange), just make the people who ran away screaming pay for it anyhow.  Isn’t tyranny fun?

“To cover its $28 million annual budget, the District’s exchange would have to levy a whopping 17 percent tax on every health plan sold on its Web site.

As an alternative, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) on Tuesday proposed legislation granting the District’s exchange board broad new power to tax any health-related insurance product.”

D.C. Council approves broad new tax on health insurance to cover city’s exchange
The Washington Post, By Aaron C. Davis, May 6, 2014

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