Yes, There Are Alternatives to Obamacare

Critics often say there are no alternatives to Obamacare. On the contrary, several bills in Congress and think tank proposals offer complete alternatives to this train wreck of a law.

From Virginians for Quality Healthcare:

      Many thanks to all who were able to attend our first healthcare townhall on May 8, to discuss alternatives to Obamacare, and to those who were there in spirit.

      Roughly 150 concerned citizens were able to learn why we need to repeal the ACA and what can be done instead.  The evening began with suspense as Rep. Tom Price, M.D. was detained in DC due to the historic vote on a Special Select Committee to investigate Benghazi. Ultimately Dr. Price made his very interesting presentation on his Obamacare alternative via  speakerphone, answering several audience questions as well.

      Panelists Grace-Marie Turner, Hadley Heath, Dr. C.L. Gray, M.D. and Delegate Mark Berg, M.D. each presented a different aspect of the challenges we face, surprising even the well-informed audience with the gravity of the current situation in healthcare under ACA.  Their suggestions for real reforms, and the second Q&A session, generated much discussion and seemed to ignite strong interest in attacking this problem.

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