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Allegations Austin VA supervisors directed schedulers to conceal long waits

$1.2B #Obamacare contractor pays workers to do nothing, sit at computer.

 Colorado exchange director gets raise and bonus despite enrollment below self-sustaining levels.

States selling hospital discharge data. Possible to re-identify patients.

Thought #Obamacare limited your out of pocket? Not w/”reference pricing” for big ticket items.  #BrokenPromises

 Covered Californians visit Mexico for cheaper healthcare, $15 office visits. (Who’s the Third World country now?)

 Survey: only 45% of doctors accept Medicaid, percentage dropping

 Marketing can’t overcome Hispanic aversion to #ACA. Narrow networks destroy personal connection w/doc

Poll: A majority of Americans, women included oppose #ACA contraception mandate.

 The social engineering of #Obamacare being paid at the expense of medical advancement and actual care.

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