Serious – Feds Seek Near Real-Time Access to Your Medical Data

Comment: Folks, we like to laugh and poke fun but this is no joke.  It’s absolutely stunning that, in a formerly free country, you have no medical privacy whatsoever. This development brought to you–in part–courtesy of Obamacare.

“The federal government is piecing together a sweeping national “biosurveillance” system that will give bureaucrats near real-time access to Americans’ private medical information in the name of national security,[...]”

Spies on you online, to gather your health information…

“According to the draft proposal, NHSS will create “health situational awareness” by “collecting, aggregating and processing data from both traditional and nontraditional sources (such as social media) and from various governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders….Decision-makers will have the capability to visualize and manipulate data from many sources [...]”

” “Extending electronic reporting of health information, including laboratory results, to public health serves as an example of rapidly communicating useful information….Routine, daily use of such capabilities may be leveraged[...]”

[...] ” “HIPPA is a data-sharing law. It has noting to do with privacy. HIPPA and the HITECH Act (part of the 2009 stimulus bill) together already allow 2.2 million entities to have legal access to your private medical records without your consent, and that is a federal number in the 2010 federal regulation.”

[...] “And that is a government that is too big. That is a government that says you have no freedom, because if you are not free from surveillance, you are not free.” ”

Federal ‘Biosurveillance’ Plan Seeking Direct Access to Americans’ Private Medical Records
By Barbara Hollingsworth, May 20, 2014 – 9:58 AM

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