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Criminal negligence? Obama transition team was warned of VA delays, untrustworthy reports in 2008

ME legislator in wheelchair against welfare expansion: ‘should not pay so able-bodied young can get free Medicaid’

Medicaid expansion will knock a point off labor force participation rate, 2M to stop working.

 Readmission penalties to reach $1B, incentivize DNR orders

 Slammed into #ACA exchange ‘b/c of low enrollment.’ Atrocious waits, utter incompetence, and poor performance.

 #ACA contract worker bored out of her mind, leaves job out of conscience

 Federal grants to failed and profligate state exchanges total $1.2B, will probably never be recovered.

 One million errors in calculating #ACA tax subsidies.  #StupidGovernment unable to fix problem.

 CMS to use ‘other sources of funding’ to finance health insurer bailout, if needed.

 It’s not “social justice” if you have to harm others to get there.

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