Top Tweets of the Week

IRS: employers can’t dump workers into exchanges w/lump sums without paying $100/day penalty

HHS to report on docs not using gov’t treatment protocols. 2019 pilot will incentivize dumping non-compliant docs

New reg giving extra 2% to insurers in risk corridors formula breaches the #RuleOfLaw.

Covered California is recruiting illegal immigrants to sign up (Joe Wilson right after all)

Indiana Medicaid expansion plan flawed: not a block grant or true HSA, no work requirement, subsidy cliffs, etc.

Income verification part of not built; sorting out inaccurate subsidies to proceed manually.

Rhode Island may lead a second round of state exchange closures as infrastructure costs pile up

Individual plan enrollment to drop off sharply in 2017 and decrease below 2015 levels by 2024.

Survey: 43% saying they think #ACA has had a mostly negative impact

You can’t paper over the fact that half the population is very unhappy. You will have to deal with that, sooner or later.

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