Is Really Fixed? Not Even Close

Comment: “Are we ‘there’ yet, Dad?”    “No honey, not even close.”

“The Obamacare website may work for people buying insurance, but beneath the surface, is still missing massive, critical pieces — and the deadline for finishing them keeps slipping.”

“As a result, the system’s “back end” is a tangle of technical workarounds moving billions of taxpayer dollars and consumer-paid premiums between the government and insurers. The parts under construction are essential for key functions such as accurately paying insurers. The longer they lag, experts say, the likelier they’ll trigger accounting problems that could leave the public on the hook for higher premium subsidies or health care costs.”

Comment: Remember hearing the government’s website was fully fixed? Not only is it not fixed, they’re still not even honest about it–and this is just a website. Welcome to political care, run by politicians, for politicians (sure hope you voted “right”).

Behind the scenes, much of is still under construction
By KYLE CHENEY | 4/25/14

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