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CBO can no longer assess the overall fiscal impact of #Obamacare

#Obamacare’s final destination: fiscal sinkhole, more uninsured

#Obamacare employer mandate costs school districts millions, threatens teacher jobs& hrs, pressures tuition

Survey: One in 3 workers say #ACA will delay their retirement

#ObamaCare costs Alabama $2 billion in wages, 150 million paid work hours

Business leaders lack confidence in #Obamacare’s ability to control rising health care costs.

Rand Paul: Hospitals finding out #Obamacare patients can’t pay high deductibles.

4M inconsistencies in exchange records, subsidies at risk, and THEY KNEW it would happen.

Beware. Do not use Your information is not safe. One-stop shopping for identity theft. And THEY KNEW.

The debate is over?  This is America.  The government can’t tell us to shut up.

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