Your Data Isn’t Safe

Pay No Attention to the Man With the Backpack

Comment: Obamacare collects all your data in one place, making it easy pickings for any criminal or political hack. Worse, Obamcare shares your information across agencies. With Obamacare, your private data isn’t private any more.

“The “very serious” data breach came to light Friday when a person found a backpack on a street in downtown Hartford, the state’s capital, which contained “four notepads with personal information for approximately 400 individuals,” according to Kevin Counihan, CEO of the Access Health CT exchange. Access Health is located on the street where the backpack was found with the handwritten notes.”

“”The backpack also contained Access Health CT paperwork and it appears that some of that personal information may be associated with Access Health CT accounts,” said Counihan.”

First case of Obamacare ID theft? Data found in Conn. backpack
Dan Mangan, Friday, 6 Jun 2014

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