The VA Demonstrates GovErnment-Run Medicine (Deadly GERMs)

Comment: Ever wonder what government-run, single-payer, national socialized medicine would look like in the US?  We don’t have to, it’s already here: the Veteran’s Administration.  Here’s the American version of Sam’s Story–Doug was denied, delayed, dishonored, and discarded. And the bureaucrats who did it are all “sorry” two years later, but no one’s responsible, nothing’s changed, and the family has no place to even complain.  VA-style pretend-care is what radical Obamacare supporters want, to replace their already-failed Obamacare disaster.

“…Doug, a Vietnam veteran … was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011.”

“In 2012, she tried to move his medical care to the Veterans Affairs hospital in Bedford.”

[...] “They waited about four months and never heard anything. Then Douglas Chase died in August 2012.”

“But two weeks ago, he got a letter, from the VA in Bedford, saying he could now call to make an appointment to see a primary care doctor.”

““It was addressed to my husband and I opened it,” said Suzanne Chase. “I was in complete disbelief.””

[Photo] “Suzanne Chase was denied funeral benefits for her husband because he was never treated at a VA hospital, even though he died after waiting four months for an appointment. (WBZ-TV)”

[...] “At the bottom of the letter, dated June 12, it reads: “We are committed to providing primary care in a timely manner and would greatly appreciate a prompt response.””

[...] “She wrote a letter to the Bedford VA two weeks ago, but once again, no response.”

““I am hoping if other people speak out, they can improve the system, so no one else dies waiting for an appointment.””

“When WBZ contacted the VA and told them about this I-Team story, the media person’s initial response was simply: “Oh, dear.” ”

I-Team: Acton Vet Finally Gets VA Doctor’s Appointment – 2 Years After He Died
By WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve June 30, 2014 6:04 PM

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