UK’s NHS — Medical Privacy Not Included

Hundreds of private companies were sold NHS patient records

Comment: Obamacare–run by the people who said you could keep your plan–promises to protect your privacy.  Don’t believe it.

“The NHS has been guilty of “significant and unacceptable lapses” in the handling of patient information which was sold to hundreds of private companies, an independent review has found.”

“The probe was ordered after an investigation by The Telegraph found that hospital records covering 47 million patients had been sold to insurance bodies.”

But how could this be?  They used all the right words, like “transparency” and “private.” Their cure?  Let’s use the magic words again!

“Sir Nick said the public would simply not tolerate such lax attitudes towards “intensely private” information about them.”

[...] “The review published on Tuesday calls for a series of changes to tighten controls of data, with increased transparency about the use of information.”

There. We sold your most private information, but that fixed it.  (Not.)

NHS guilty of ‘unacceptable’ lapses in sale of patient information to private sector
By Laura Donnelly, Health Editor, 17 Jun 2014

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