Obamacare: Your Info, Ripe For the Taking

Comment: Obamacare aggressively collects your personal information in many places.  Cybercriminals and political opponents alike can steal financial, medical, employment, and generally far more information than ever before possible.

Obamacare: one-stop shopping for criminals and crooked bureaucrats.

“The high value of health information makes it attractive to hackers.”

“A credit card can be canceled within hours of its theft, but information in a patient’s health record is impossible to undo. The record contains financial records, personal information, medical history, family contacts — enough information to build a full identity.”


““I believe that we’re not talking about if there’s going to be a big data breach in health care, it’s going to be how many and when,” Wah said. “Because there already are a tremendous number of data breaches that are occurring in health care today.””

Electronic health records ripe for theft
By DAVID PITTMAN | 7/13/14 9:56 PM EDT

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