Our Lying Obamacare Overlords, Part II – Premiums

Comment: To save the 2014 election, the White House is forcing insurers to lie about their Obamacare premiums. HHS is coercing insurers to price Obamacare products below actual cost, and promising to pay off those that “play nicely” later with bail-outs, after the election.

That is, your government is trying to hide the cost of their laws from you until it’s too late for you to stop it, or vote them out.  Strong-arm government, lies, and pay-offs–it’s Banana Republic stuff, folks.

“The White House tried a test run several weeks ago. Hidden in the midst of a 436 page regulatory update, and written in pure bureaucratese, the Department of Health and Human Services asked that insurance companies limit the looming premium increases for 2015 health plans. But don’t worry, HHS hinted: we’ll bail you out on the taxpayer’s dime if you lose money.”

[...] “If insurance companies don’t give in, regulators have powerful ways to make life hard for them. A shrewd CEO doesn’t need to look far to see what might happen if his company opts out. This administration already has a reputation for strong-arming dissenting businesses in other industries.”

The White House Is Bribing Health Insurance Companies
By Tim Phillips, 7/14/2014

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