Top Tweets – Sen. Pryor’s Nihilism on Parade

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CBO: #Obamacare subsidies will contribute to rising federal budget deficits over the next decade.

Arkansas seeking federal bailout for costly Medicaid expansion venture

Back-end: Employer coverage verification system not operational and may not be ready for Nov

Enroll America urges emphasizing fascistic individual mandate penalty in next round (nice smile, teeth of iron)

Narrow networks still anger, bills in 22 states. (Get over it, one expert says. No, #keepyourdoctor was promised)

#ACA can’t lower costs and raise demand at the same time.

Obama waives ethics rules for UnitedHealth #crony to work at CMS.

#ACA plan hits NY family with 22 percent increase – NOW, not next year

Largest oncology practice in Las Vegas drops #Obamacare patients. #keepyourdoctor

Sen. Pryor: cancellation stories just ‘anecdotal’. (Here’s the problem: people aren’t real to them.)

If the individual is meaningless, then society is worthless, too. – Harry Wu (Chinese Laogai survivor)

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