Top Tweets – Obamacare Not Working Out as Planned

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#ACA de facto reinstitutes ‘preexisting conditions’ denials with stratospheric out-of-pocket costs

More evidence hi deductibles a barrier to care. (#Obamacare was supposed to fix all that, right?)

Doctors head for the exit as #Obamacare insurance cuts reimbursements

SEIU rank and file losing jobs b/c of SEIU-supported #ACA.

#Obamacare ‘exempt’ small businesses still hit with loss of group plans, sky-rocketing premiums

Aetna expects 30% attrition – 720,000 signups versus 500,000 paying customers by year end. #ItsNotWorking

#Obamacare to flow to border surgers who claim asylum, Temp Protected Status, etc.

White House, Dem #ACA supporters praised and relied on Halbig-truther Gruber at the time

Here we go again: CMS loses emails re botched rollout. Failure to report loss illegal?

‘Government can do it better.’ Can Obama do a better job picking your toilet paper? Then why let him pick your doctor?


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