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Key #Obamacare hospital pay-for-performance programs #epicFAIL year one; no difference in quality metrics

#ACA #epicFAIL – Hospital-owned practices had 50% more preventable admissions than dr-owned practices.

2.1 million discrepancies in exchange applications – “honor system” #epicFAIL

CMMI: fed masterminds once again play venture capitalists (2 dozen bankruptcies the last time)

Whack-a-Mole: no preexisting exclusion, insurers boost out-of-pocket, now state try to regulate drug co-pays

Medical device tax collecting 30% less than expected. (OK, who picks up the tab now?)

Insurers sending SHOP enrollee data to CMS in work-around b/c exchange not set up

ER visits increasing with no end in sight after #ACA (yawn, tell us something we don’t know)

Medicare curbs billion-dollar power wheelchair fraud – 15 years late.

Discrimination against preexisting conditions creeping back thru drug expenses and cost-sharing

Poll: 42% of Democrats would look for another job if shunted onto exchange. (“WE-LOVE-OBAMACARE!”)

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