Rate Shock: NY Non-Profit Files For 15.2% Rate Hike

You Can’t Keep Your Premium Either

Comment: We all know you can’t keep your doctor or your plan, and, except for a few lucky ones, you won’t be saving anything, much less $2,500.  Now the 3% of Americans forced into Obamacare’s Exchanges (so far) are learning they can’t keep that teaser premium either–it’s a bait-and-switch. You took the bait, now here comes the switch. Not in an Exchange?  Just wait, you will be.

“This year, Health Republic, the not-for-profit insurer consumer operated and oriented plan (COOP) that was just launched in 2014, is proposing an average overall rate increase of 15.2 percent in its individual health exchange plans, according to the company’s filings.”

“Health Republic was the most popular plan among those provided on the state’s health exchange, capturing 40 percent of total enrollment with its low prices.”

Health plans request double-digit premium increases
By Laura Nahmias and Dan Goldberg 10:04 p.m. | Jul. 2, 2014

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