Obamacare Isn’t Safe

The Biggest Identity Theft in Human History

Comment: Obamacare collects all the information needed to control an entire society, on every individual, and shares it throughout the government.  The real threat isn’t hackers, it’s Obamacare itself.

” ‘When you go to HealthCare.gov and you enter your information, it goes to the Department of Homeland Security, the HHS, Health and Human Services, it also goes to the IRS, it exits the federal system and goes to Equifax, comes back into the federal system to the IRS, it exits the system and goes to Circo and then comes back into the HealthCare.gov platform,’ she explained.”"

“‘So the security still — the threat still exists there [...]‘  ”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Obamacare Security Threat Still Exists
By Courtney Coren, Thursday, 21 Aug 2014

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