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Premium hikes tend to be 8-9% b/c 10% draws HHS scrutiny (politicized rates artificially low, something’s gotta give)

#ACA comparative effectiveness studies threaten to dispense w/informed consent from 100M people

GOP senators ask for enrollment data, no updates since April

New pro-#ACA study can’t rule out significant push to part-time work when employer mandate hits.

#ACA-fueled hospital consolidation driving up surgery and other healthcare costs

$8 billion #ACA tax on insurers due Sept. 30.  Policyholders and taxpayers ultimately pay.

#Medicaid spending to surge 15% due to expansion. “major budget driver”

Hi-deductible is the junk insurance Obama claimed he wanted to get rid of

Upscale restaurants in L.A. add 3% #Obamacare surcharge

#ACA wasn’t supposed to hurt too bad, but there’s a new level of understanding AFTER you’ve had your tooth pulled.

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