Serfs, Meet Your New Obamacare Tax Forms

New tax forms: Obamacare in real life, in your face, and in your business.
Courtesy of Chief Justice ‘It’s Not a Tax, It IS a tax’ Roberts

(OCTS original reporting)

Below, newly published, is just one of the draft forms Obamacare expects our most vulnerable, least sophisticated people to complete in exchange for the free money (“premium tax credits”) they’ve already received from Obamacare’s “exchanges.”

We’ve highlighted some of the data items you’re forced to provide–very personal information about your family, your employment and, of course, your medical coverage.  We’ve also highlighted the calculations Obamacare demands of you, and, in different color, some of the other forms you’ll also have to fill out and refer to.

This form 8962 is for individuals who buy their own insurance.  Employers who provide insurance will be required to provide the same information on every employee covered (and on every one of the employee’s dependents too).  They’ll be filing forms 1095-B or 1095-C.

Is this not outrageous?  That we’re forced to provide such information to our government? That companies have to collect data on their employees’ families? All to buy crappy mandatory health insurance?

Tweets we’ll be tweeting here at OCTS this week:

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  • Our most vulnerable, least-sophisticated citizens are supposed to fill out THIS?
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  • What kind of government deliberately creates a program its citizens CAN’T possibly comply with?
IRS premium tax credit form, form 8962

One of several new forms you’ll be filing in 2014

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