Top Tweets – Tax Forms: “Say hello to my litt’l friend”

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New tax forms: Our most vulnerable, least-sophisticated citizens are supposed to fill out THIS?

New tax forms – What kind of government deliberately creates a program its citizens CAN’T possibly comply with?

New tax forms: outrageous, perilous to a free society, ugly, coercive, and mean.

New Tax Forms – Faustian bargain: You want a subsidy? Then Obamacare wants to know all about you.

Get a subsidy? Say goodbye to 1040EZ form.

#TBT: “But you reject that it’s a tax increase? OBAMA:  I absolutely reject that notion.” Form 1040 shows otherwise. LIAR!

New tax forms complicated & intrusive. Al Pacino to taxpayer: “Say hello to my litt’l friend”.






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