Top Tweets – ACA Life-Affirming? NOT!

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We chose our theme this week in honor of Obamacare architect Zeke Emanuel who wants to expend most healthcare resources on healthy young adults (see our ‘Slave Chart – details below) and, we learned this week, wants to die at age 75. Life-affirming? NOT!

GAO: insurers ignoring #ACA abortion rules, not segregating funds. (Bart Stupak, call your office.) #RuleOfLaw

Outraged lawmakers, pro-life leaders meet to discuss administration’s lawless funding of abortions through #ACA

Catholic bishops call for conforming #ACA to Hyde Amendment re abortion funding

All Hawaii plans cover abortion; #ACA secrecy clause: can’t know until you buy; no separate billing as #ACA requires

71 injunctions granted against HHS anti-conscience mandate so far

#ACA thinking flawed: Wellness programs don’t save money or improve health.

46% of doctors give #Obamacare ‘D’ or failing grades (‘gov’t involvement never works’)

#ACA #MedicareAdvantage cuts bite New York #seniors, as intended.

“‘#Obamacare has destroyed my family’: Mother says sons’ life-saving medications dropped”

Roses are red, violets are blue. #Obamacare loves me, but doesn’t love you.


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