Another Satisfied Obamacare Customer. NOT!

Comment: Let’s be honest–wasn’t it easier, cheaper, and faster when you went to the doctor and just paid for the visit, back when insurance was cheap, and only for disasters?  Obamacare sending all of everyone’s care through the insurance system has made getting actual care even more nebulous, time-consuming, tedious, expensive, and a bigger bureaucratic nightmare than it ever was before.  Obamacare is tapping and sapping everyone.

“Blue Shield customer Heidi Shurtleff, 53, complained to the state after hitting roadblocks with her PPO.”

“The Laguna Beach resident said neither her gynecologist nor her gastroenterologist were covered despite assurances from the company when she enrolled. Two new doctors listed on Blue Shield’s website didn’t honor her coverage and a third hasn’t accepted new patients in three years, according to Shurtleff.”

“”Where was the state in protecting people from these false promises?” she said. “I’m not getting what I paid for.” ”

Oh yes she is!  She’s getting exactly what we’re all paying for – “Obamacare: Get less, pay more!”(tm)

Obamacare doctor networks to stay limited in 2015
By Chad Terhune, Sandra Poindexter, Doug Smith
September 28, 2014

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