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A new chapter begins:

Repeal Majority: “100% of Newly Elected GOP Senators Campaigned on Repealing #Obamacare”

#Obamacare menu for GOP Congress: repeal individual/employer/contraceptive mandates, IPAB, taxes

GOP Senate budget reconciliation can target individual mandate, insurer bailouts, med device tax, set table for 2017

States said to be key to Medicaid expansion all went to GOP governors – Fla, Ga, Ks, Maine, Wis.

Arkansas Private Option Medicaid expansion on the chopping block after every Dem defeated

WellPoint loses 300,000 #Obamacare small business enrollees (predictions coming true)

Enrollees with hi-deductible non-insurance they can’t use turn to community health centers for refuge

EHR usability will get worse; difficulty finding data puts patients at risk (we paid $20 billion for THIS?)

IG undertaking 5-10 new #ACA audits, including accuracy of subsidies, fraudulent sign-ups

More than half who enrolled in #Obamacare last year don’t plan to sign up 2015; hi prices cited

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