Top Tweets – Open Enslavement 2015

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#Obamacare: Proudly Protecting Stupid American Voters from the Wrong Choices They Make

#Obamacare: Shock & Awe from Government Masterminds

#Obamacare: The Finest Healthcare Program Corruption Can Buy

#Obamacare: Putting Congress, Staff, and Bureaucrats First, As It Should Be

#Obamacare: Raising Your Premiums So You Can Pay Higher Deductibles

#Obamacare: Controlling the People, One Electronic Health Record at a Time

#Obamacare: Replaces ‘Fee for Service’ with ‘Plea for Service’ (h/t ??)

#Obamacare: Have it OUR Way

#Obamacare: If You Don’t Like Your Plan, You Have to Keep Your Plan

#Obamacare: Bending the Pinocchio Cost-Curve Down

#Obamacare: Taking the Money You Need, to Buy Stuff You Don’t

#Obamacare: Creating Strong, Provocative Relationships Between Good IRS Agents and Their Targets

#Obamacare: Boxers or Briefs? Only Washington Knows for Sure

#Obamacare: When a Website Absolutely, Positively Has to be Right

#Obamacare: Good to the Last Shoe that Drops

#Obamacare: Our Vision, Your Future. And if you don’t like it, SUE ME!

#Obamacare: Between Love and Madness LIES Obamacare

#Obamacare: Because Life Isn’t Complicated Enough

#Obamacare: Serfs Wanted

#Obamacare: Canceling Plans by the Millions Since 2010

#Obamacare: Conformity is Job One

#Obamacare: One Size Fits All

#Obamacare: Open Enslavement ™ – A New Ball with Every Set of Chains

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