Top Tweets – Gruber: The Week That Was

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#Gruber parody video – FUNNY! ‘Our ideas are so good we can’t tell the truth’

An IPAB of Grubers? Hmm…

See how many lies #Gruber packed into one cartoon. Keep your plan – ha! Romneycare a success (feds paid)

#Gruber apologizes; Vermont cuts ties; Michigan investigates for fraud; GOP demands return of money

Dems sold #ACA as keeping worker ins, but Gruber said losing plans was ‘people falling off a building’ by design

You can try to disown Gruber and deny your own history, BUT THE RECORD IS CRYSTAL CLEAR AND PLAIN FOR ALL TO SEE

“All of #GruberGate in Two Minutes” TOO FUNNY!

#Obamacare opponents locate, post deleted Gruber video. GO TEAM!

Gruber supplied data regarding #Obamacare for illegal aliens

Gruber wrote in 2011 comic book ‘you can keep your plan’

Your lying President ‘stole ideas’ from Gruber in 2006. #credibilitygap

Your lying President crafted Cadillac tax deception with Gruber in the Oval Office; Gruber a frequent visitor

#Obamacare lies made #Gruber a millionaire, a top one-percenter (‘it’s OK when WE do it, because we’re good people’)

#Gruber revelation: Cadillac tax will eventually hit the middle class by design

“Another tape surfaces of ObamaCare architect calling American people ‘stupid’” #Gruber



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