SHOP Flop – Small Businesses Flee Obamacare’s Early Enslavement Period

Comment: a) Small businesses stayed away from Obamacare’s SHOP program’s enrollment in droves, avoiding the government’s new phony ‘market’.  b) Isn’t it stunning (no, scary) that now, five months later, these federal Pinocchios still won’t (or can’t) tell us how many signed up on their website? Whether from vile politics, sheer incompetence or both, any combination demonstrates why the government Gruber-elites shouldn’t ever be running our health care.

Early enrollment for the health overhaul’s small business insurance exchanges [SHOP] fell far short of the 2 million workers who were expected to sign up this year. The shortfall calls into question the future of the exchanges as they begin accepting enrollment for 2015.”

“About 76,000 people bought coverage on 18 exchanges through June 1, according to a report released this month by the Government Accountability Office. Enrollment figures from 33 state exchanges that are run through the federal government are not yet available, but researchers expect those totals to be low as well.”

[...] “Some companies skipped offering health insurance altogether and simply gave their employees money and sent them to the overhaul’s other exchange, which is designed for people buying insurance on their own, not through an employer.”

“Broker Ken Statz said the prices for what was offered on Ohio’s small business exchange weren’t competitive, and temporary tax credits that help some small business buy coverage may have to be beefed up.

Small business insurance exchanges seek rebound

The Associated Press, 22 November 2014

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