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It’s Not Working -

#ACA wellness approach still a flop; employer spending goes up w/no health benefit. ACA Safeway Amendment debunked.

CMS delays EHR deadline; $20 billion fiasco continues

More regs proposed for public utilities, oops, private insurers. Drug committees and appeals for drug denials.

Virginia families on bronze plans looking at $19,824 out of pocket before insurance kicks in

#ACA calorie-count labeling makes people eat MORE; Congressional morons want requirement expanded

Vaunted Rhode Island exchange has no funding mechanism; other exchanges scrambling as fed dough runs out

Pattern holds: #ACA approach of favoring hospitals raises costs, as oncologists forced to sell practices

 Tampa-area exchange plans going up by double digits.

#ACA supporters never disclosed enrollees would have to shop every year for a new plan to maintain their subsidies

Provider networks will continue to narrow

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