Poll: More Americans Delaying Necessary Care Than Before Obamacontraption Passed

Comment: Obamacare steals premium dollars for useless government ‘care’ items, like free birth control for seniors. Is it any wonder, then, that Gallup reports people are finding they can’t afford to see a doctor? Now they’re delaying needed care more than ever, even for serious illnesses.  Thanks for the high deductibles, Obamacare!

“One in three Americans has put off seeking medical treatment in 2014 due to high costs, according to Gallup — the highest percentage since Gallup began asking the question in 2001.”

“Thirty-three percent of Americans have delayed medical treatment for themselves or their families because of the costs they’d have to pay, according to the survey. Obamacare, of course, had promised that it would help make health care more affordable for everyone, but the number of people who can’t afford a trip to the doctor has actually risen three points since 2013, before most Obamacare provisions took effect.”

Gallup: Peak Number Of Americans Delaying Medical Care Over Costs
Sarah Hurtubise, Reporter, 11/28/2014

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